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Playing with or using apps (applications) on an (Apple) iPhone.

iPhone users are often "apping" in a similar way to mobile phone users texting.

iPhone users "app" together / are found "apping" when showing each other their apps (applications) and what they do.
by Lovely Lesley April 23, 2010
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It is the process of applying to someone/something.
So how is your apping process coming along?
What universities are you apping to this Fall?
by Jaguar Paw November 14, 2008
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Using a social networking site, such as Facebook or Myspace, not for communicating with friends and family, but instead for Applications such as: Farmville, Fishville, Yoville, Petville, Mafia Wars, Tiki Farm, Etc.
"Emily doesn't even talk to anyone on Facebook. She just gets online everyday to harvest her Farmville Farm! I get sick of people who only use Facebook just for apping"
by P.A.F.A March 11, 2010
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