used in place of "anyways" usually smeone with a wierd personality says this.
Anywho... what were we just talking about?
by giggles4703 March 21, 2009
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An extremely annoying misuse of the word "anyhow." Generally used by people who think they're being clever.
by Rusteye September 4, 2006
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anyways. Used to transition from one subject to another.
Anyways, what's new with you?
by Kristy April 7, 2004
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A phrase most commonly used in the American animation series "The Simpsons"
Homer: So anywho, back then there was no way for me to know your mother was pregnant.
by zymot1x January 13, 2003
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A transition from one subject to another. Sort of like anyway, but differnt.
by mirgine December 27, 2007
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Non-existant word. Used by rather obnoxious people who think it's somehow a clever replacement for existant and perfectly fine conjunction "anyway". Generally found annoying and triggers homocidal tendencies in people who know better.
The epitome of such a person would be Franklin Mumford.

Franklin: Anywhooooo, I am such a fuckup of a character I will not have an actual quote because even imdb hasn't a single quote of me.

Vinnie: Mate I know you're an actor, but I swear if you say that once more I will stick my foot so far up your arse you will have two tongues in YOUR MOUTH BOYO!!
by Jonesy No.99 October 15, 2008
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1.)A way to start a conversation after a long silence or pause.
2.) A way to imply that you would like to change the subject during conversation, usually after an awkward statement or after the conclusion of a conversation.
3.) A way to prevent someone from speaking, usually to avoid a conflict or to prevent revealing or embarrasing information to be presented.
1.) "Anywho... how's your cat doing?"
2.) -"Where were you? you're an hour late!"
-"I'm late? You were supposed to meet
me down at the starbucks across the
street, not at this one!"
by thewolvesarewatching October 27, 2008
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