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Anukriti is a girl who is so hot that she could burn your eyes. She is funny, good looking, sweet but smart enough to whip your ass.
Shit bro! That girl made me fall for her at once. That's my Anukriti.
by Anthropodist September 25, 2014
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The name of an Indian girl meaning photograph, literally. Decent, aesthetic, simplistic and all together a beauteous creation.
She's so well created. She's Anukriti!
by Xicor17 February 22, 2018
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A cute a girl who'll will drive you crazy .she will make you fall in love with one bat of her eye lids, all anukritis' posses a magical power which doesnt allow people to say no to them.She's usually a good girl with a very naughty side.She doesn't show that side often ,She loves hugs and kisses (especially hickeys).Simply the best person you'll ever meet, be romantic with her and she'll be your best friend and lover at the same time.She is a great kisser and understands her man perfectly .If you know a anukriti then you are a very lucky person.
Boy 1: Daaaamnn,who's that girl,I can't stop staring.
Boy 2: Heyyy, watch out! don't look into her eyes, she'll hypnotise you
Boy 1: too late ,Im gettin her rum and coke

Boy 2 : Oh no ,he fell for an anukriti.
by Dark Desire December 25, 2018
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