Similar to celebacy, antisexuals choose not to have sex. They may still have a sex drive, but they ignore it. They can still have healthy, romantic relationships.

This does not mean that they have been abused or feel worthless. It's just another sexuality like gay or straight.

Some antisexuals are against the media for focusing on sex, while others don't bother with it.
1) When Sam asked Jane to go upstairs with him, Jane told him that she was an antisexual.

2) Danny is an antisexual, but he still has a girlfriend.
by Stelur June 15, 2006
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Commonly mistaken for Akoi/Lithosexual.

Antisexual is a sexuality like gay or straight but with Antisexuality a person will feel oppressed/annoyed by anything sexual; from themselves or from others. Though they still can have sexual relations.
She dislikes the thought of sex as she is antisexual
by PurpleBox December 17, 2015
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someone who is neither straight, gay, or bi. they have no sexuality whatsoever and shun relationships. usually caused by excessive rejection and heartbreak.
haha. no wonder he's antisexual. look how ugly he is.
by -thriller- April 23, 2007
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One who has given up on love, relationships, and sex because of problems in their past, or to find better things in their life to do.
After my mother's 3rd marriage, she decided that it was time to be an antisexual.
by Billy Yesko May 14, 2006
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An antisexual is someone who, despite being straight, gay, or bi, decides not to have sex, or decides to only have sex for procreation. They may oppose sex because:

-People boast that they are doing it.
-Casual sex (sex between two people not in a romantic relationship) can lead to increased transmission of STDs.
-They morally oppose abortion, and therefore not want to risk having sex in fear of an unwanted pregnancy.
-Their religious or moral beliefs are against sex before marriage, casual sex, or sex for reasons other than procreation.

Antisexuality is NOT the same as asexuality, which is where a person does not feel sexual attractions or desires at all. Antisexual people tend to have sexual urges and desires, but they choose not to have sex for various different reasons.
John is an antisexual, and despite being straight and finding girls attractive, he did not want to enter a sexual relationship with anyone because he is morally against abortion, and fears that if he gets a woman pregnant, she may not want the child and seek an abortion.
by IceChill789 July 28, 2020
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A sexual orientation that applies to people who are repulsed by the idea of any kind of sexual intercourse. Other than that it's very similar to Asexual
by ItzBingus October 26, 2022
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A sexuality that believes anyone who says their not straight, bi, gay ,or lesibian is a idiot and is searching for attention
They dont believe in non binary/other made up sexuality because they are antisexuality. They believe in the true sexuality. They dont hate them just dont agree with the mental illness that believes in made up sexuality
by January 27, 2022
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