Most of the definitions here are simply defining "disappointment". Anticipointment is trickier than that: it's anticipating something (usually eagerly) that you expect to be disappointed by on some level as well. It's not simply anticipation followed by disappointment; it's kinda both at the same time.
The classic example is the computer-user who eagerly anticipates a price-drop on new components, but knows that the price drops because of even newer technology - which they can't afford. The user is trapped in a continuing state of anticipointment.
by The Cantankerist April 27, 2012
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a gut wrenching emotion felt deep in the belly of a person unrealistically looking forward to an upcoming event immediately after the reality of extreme disapointment has replaced the anticipated happiness
Heather felt nothing but anticipointment after she was told that "her" scholarship was awarded to some nerd who never takes his nose out a text book.
by dp9 February 15, 2004
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disappointment from something you were eagerly anticipated
"I think I got hit with anticipointment on this one. I watched it as well, and the whole time kept thinking that I didn't really like it that much. " Tom Swervo
by mo-licious July 14, 2005
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(noun) the feeling of anticipation for a disappointing event
After the opening credits, the movie patrons hopes had turned to anticipointment.
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A horrible outcome to something you thought was going to be awesome.
John: "Dude,I would give anything to see Anne naked. Look at that body!"

Carl: "Yea, I've seen it..not good at all...What an anticipointment"
by RachelP December 23, 2007
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When one gets very excited for something, then is disappointed. A short, but more descriptive word than simply being disappointed.
I heard so many great things about the new restaurant down the street. I'm totally anticipointed.
by Jonny FratHard February 6, 2011
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