George W. Bush, the current pseudo-president of the former United States of America.
The man wiping his ass with the Constitution my ancestors fought and died to preserve.
by Dys N. Franchised January 14, 2005
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A mix of the worst things, Hitler, Anime, George W. Bush, and Satan.

Together they form the Anti-Anti-Christ.
by monkeydudeisreal September 08, 2017
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Simon Cowell, the most evil person in the world is actually the anti-christ.

Simon Cowell, the creator of idol and x-factor, also known for signing terrible ''''''musicians'''''' as 5ive, westlife and Il Divo, Is secretly on a mission to destroy all that is good about music by homogenizing it and changing it from being all about music into all about marketing. Soon all our musicians will be attractive white folk with perfect teeth and no creative talent, knowing only how to sing vapid, cliched love songs in the style of karaoke if he is not stopped soon.
Simon Cowell evil vapid anti-christ bad music new hitler cunt fuckhead dick anti music patronizing
Simon Cowell anti-christ
by Daneoid81 February 17, 2011
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An Anti-Christ Fish Baby is a satanic child, half human, half fish that worships the devil and will grow up to do his bidding.
Ya mother gave birth to an Anti-Christ Fish Baby and it's doing things for Satan
by sluthookerskankwhorebitch November 05, 2011
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AC/DC (but christian leaders thought that this is what it stood for)
"You know that AC/DC doesn't stand for "Anti Christ/Devil's Child" right?"
by Iguanamo Bay June 05, 2018
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When opponents of Christianity are hell-bent to devaluing Jesus’ deity, the cross, and His power to forgive all sins, by telling others that Jesus is not the Son of God, but just one of the prophets in the Bible—the lie that their place in paradise is dependent on their good deeds and performing lifelong rituals on earth to an impersonal God rather than through their faith in Jesus’ grace alone and establishing a personal relationship with Him.
It’s not surprising that many religious leaders, who are not anti-God, but anti-Christ, wouldn’t want their followers to know that Jesus’ blood shed on the cross (and not the blood of bulls and goats) is able to forgive all their sins and cleanse them from all unrighteousness, and that through His grace (unmerited favor) by faith (and not through works and rites) that they have eternal life.
by MathPlus July 04, 2021
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