A collection/package chosen by the editor.
-Valve used their best games in Counter Strike anthology.
by Konerboy November 4, 2008
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Az: Is it even possible to make an anthology out of two games?
DHM: I dunno, but they managed to anthologize it.
by The DopeHatMan November 27, 2005
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A religion started by the coolest person in the world
I so believe in Anthology
by Antonio August 28, 2004
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Anthology Unit is a music group consisting of various artists featured in the AQA Poetry Anthology 2005 onwards version.
The group features 4 main artists and many other people behind the scenes.

Dj Duffeh (Carol Anne Duffy)
MC Heaneh (Seamus Heaney)
Clusta Bomb (Simon Armitage)
C 'Dot' Larke (Gillian Clarke)

Anthology Unit signed to Snypa Unit Records in 2005 and each member has since released one album and one 'Best Of...' album.

Dj Duffeh & MC Heaneh- Best Know What We About Volume 1
Clusta Bomb- Weapons Of Mass Destruction
C 'Dot' Larke- Anthologeh Of Da Streetz (Double CD)
Anthology Unit-The Best Of Anthology Unit

These albums were produced by the label Rudethug Productions Ltd.

The Unit has been very successful and have sold more than 5 million albums between them. The biggest selling album of 2007 was 'Weapons Of Mass Destruction' by Clusta Bomb and thus received a MOBO and a Grammy for his achievements. The other members have been successful but have yet to emulate Clusta Bomb's success.

According to the website 'Dogs On Acid' Anthology Unit are recording a new album which is set to drop some time in late 2008. The new album is widely expected to become the biggest selling album in history and many people have tipped them to become Global Megastarz of tha future.

Anthology Unit's music consists of mainly Hip-Hop with some Grime, Drum & Bass and Dubstep influences. Although in Duffy and Heaney's Album subtle gaelic influences have also been heard.

To see the list of AU's 'mad' lyricz visit the AQA website.
Tracklisting for Dj Duffeh & MC Heaneh- Best Know What We About Volume 1

1. Follow Me On Mah Mid-Term Break
2. On Da Train (Bangin' Ma Choonz)
3. Techniquez Of Da Streetz
4. Katrina Da Prozzie (Shakespizzle Sonnet Remix)
5. Death Of A Drug Dealer
6. Best Know What We About
7. Who Are You?
8. At A Grave Digging (Who Shot Ya?)
9. Storm In Da Hood
10. Outro

AU Fan: " Yo, they is some bangin choonz man. Anthology Unit is tight"
by john the juicebox May 2, 2008
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A song comprised of mini-songs (with different tempos and beats) while sticking to the main theme of the song. It's similar to anthology films; comprised of short films with different directors while sticking to the main theme.
Producers like to experiment with songwriting by creating an anthology song.
by nervous_wreak3 April 25, 2022
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The name of the huge Norton's Anthology book that eveyone hates carrying around.
Ugh.. I have to carry my Freaking Anthology to my next class.
by wheresmikey November 2, 2007
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1. Noun: A gigantic book used by evil schools that force innocent high school kids to the death by the 2,930 pages of extremely small print, extremely long paragraphs, and extremely boring entries from authors ranging from Ralph Waldo Emerson to Anne Sexton (who ever the hell they are). Can also be called satan or the devil.
Phil: Shit dude, I have to read Young Goodman Brown by Nathaniel Hawthorne.
Alex: What the hell is that?
Phil: Some bullshit Romantic story in the Norton Anthology of American Literature.
Alex: Whats that?
Phil: Oh, its just Satan's brother.
by AnOffshorePrawn December 11, 2007
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