Your wife from another life is someone you could see you being married to in another life, and envisioning a healthy marriage.
Person 1: Man, I can see Julie being my wife from another life! She is so perfect, and we compliment each other very well!
Person 2: Lmao, I ship it.
by Randoven October 2, 2015
Someone who envisions themselves with you but in this reality it would NEVER work, for practical reasons perhaps...
'' Eurgh, he was sooo hitting on me. I am his wife from another life''
by Dr Megge January 18, 2017
A term used to tell another person that you will see them again. Most likely in a strange place or somewhere unexpected. Usually used by two guys, while using the term "brother" as a friendly gesture.
In the TV show Lost, Desmond was known for this phrase.
Desmond: "I'll see you in another life brother."
Jack: "Sure man."
Then they see each other again life 100000 times...
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by TheMysteriousStranger June 1, 2012