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A short sweet girl who is secretly passionate and great in bed. But gets angry easily at things she doesn't believe in.
Person 1) Dude! I been with this cute girl last summer and cant get my mind off other.
Person 2) She sounds just like a sweet Ann Mary.
by yodalit June 16, 2017
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A really kind girl who is generally quiet. She thinks she is the ugly duck of her friends when in reality is the swan. However she is acts really naive and clueless to hide that she is secretly smart.
Sam: Hey bro, I been dating that girl I met at the bar. You know, the one you said was a easy girl and really clueless. Well guess what she's not. She's actually pretty smart and beat me at my own game.
Ken: Sorry dude. She sounds like a little Ann Mary.
by Chicflick July 05, 2017
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A very smart girl, however is quite stuck up about it. She usually has many cultures making her have a lot of experience in travel. She quirky but isn't always able to be trusted by friends
John- wow, ann Mary is smart. I should get her to do my home work?
David- yeah man do it me too
by Johnny112 November 03, 2015
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