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a popular term used by young Indian-American males to define a male that is very good looking and extremely intelligent. Overall a brilliant but amazingly beautiful person.
Wow, you are as smart and as good looking as Anirudh
by Chefty Sambasivam March 20, 2007
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The name of a very special person. He does not know how special he is, but he is in fact the most special person I know. This wonderful guy is a cat person, likes comics, but is at the same time outgoing. May have hidden something from people at a time in his life, but whether a big or small thing, his friends may have in a way already known it. A rugged exterior combined with an all-together surprising yet enjoyable voice makes for a pleasant combination of yin and yang. Tall, dark and handsome, this British sounding Bollywood hero is a real gem.
That Anirudh is a real bamf.

I hope that Rudh notices me tonight.

If Anirudh was a superhero he would be Super(sexy)man.
by Vertigo_G February 11, 2012
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A person who gets a boner on watching himself in the mirror.
He is so Anirudh that he jerks off at mirror
by geeksparadise August 22, 2016
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A person who likes to read people in the laundry.
Oh he's reading me again. Must be an anirudh
by Axekxwowlz May 30, 2017
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It's a Name of Hindu God Vishnu in Vishnu sahstra naama.

Anirudh is also the name of The Grandson of God Vishnu's 8th Avataar Krishna .
Anirudh is considered a Jana avatar of lord Krishna because he very much resembled to his grandfather in many ways
by A ney guy January 10, 2018
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to reject social interaction by listening to shit music (see limp bizkit) very loudly and obsessing over celery, while resorting to hunter-gatherer instincts.
The guy resorted to anirudhing, because a 6 year old was teasing him
by Cameron Seipal September 24, 2007
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