synonym to brilliant or great!

Used in dublin alot and probably in the rest of the british isles aswell. used to express satisfaction.

can also be used to describe a good looking girl
1: "This sandwich is animal!"

2: "She is f**king animal!"
by jaymaccool November 16, 2007
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Animals Are Beautiful. Respect Them. BITCHES.
I Luv Animals, And So Should You.
Stop Eating Animals. They Are Exactly Like U Except Have Fur And Walk On 4.
by Lyn Metzanielizi September 04, 2006
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exclamation. used when confronted with a truly awesome person, thing, or spectacle expressing surprise and appreciation. origin: northwestern states (idaho, washington, oregon, montana) popularity: first appeared in late 1990's with resurging popularity in 2005 in parts of northern california
Person 1: (pulls mad trick on his board)
Person 2: Animal, dude!
by idahoboy September 17, 2006
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A song symbol of life! Created before humans and still live now! Take all chances given even if they get none. They are a power to life!
Animal (s) ,Cute amazing and helpful!
by ×-0 June 21, 2019
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