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in the doggy style position during sex, the man leans over and grabs ahold of the womans shoulders tightly and calls her by her sisters/mothers name. the woman then begins to go into a fit of rage and starts bouncing up and down like an angry bull. man holds as long as he can last before he falls off.
when mike called janet by her retarded sisters name on purpose, he was setting himself up for an angry bull ride
by ShaunyDigital May 09, 2005
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When you are doing doggy style during sex, you reach over and grab hold of the womens shoulders. After you tell her you have Aids or STD's and you ride her untill she can get you off, looking like an angry bull.
When Billy told his girlfriend Shelby he had Aids during doggy style she tried to fight him off looking like a angry bull.
by Phillip Rosen B April 14, 2008
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When getting head from a girl and your about to nut, pull the girls head all the way down so your dick is in her throat. When you cum, she'll choke and the cum will shoot out of her nose, giving her the look of an angry bull.
Jim: I gave Nicole the angry bull and almost died laughing!!!
by Lil Tigger June 21, 2005
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When you are fucking a girl anal or standard and she is face up you then cross her arms and hold her up on your dick and smash her into things, hence called the angry bull
that bitch said my dick was small so during sex i fucking angry bulled her ass.
by Mr.shi October 03, 2007
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When you are getting head and you turn the person around and start anally fucking them. Then you pull back on their hair and ride them like a bull.
Logan turned around and began to give Mike an angry bull, and then realized that Mike was gay, and so was he.
by Jack Mehoff March 15, 2005
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