before you get a girl in bed shave your pubes and put them under the pillow. when you get the girl in bed, ejaculate on her face and lift the pillow and shove her face in your pubes.
last night i gave my girl the angry bear, and boy was she angry.
by immy1 July 11, 2008
He was so angry that the toilets were clogged at the gay bar that he did an angry bear.
by angrydroid November 4, 2008
a state of anger in which the person cannot speak coherently, only making bear-like growls and noises
Justin was so angry bear that he couldn't even tell us what had happened.

I swear, if you mess with him anymore, he's gonna go angry bear on you.
by bigjoebowski22 December 1, 2007
Known fact that this is the fastest land animal in the world.
Listen every one knows the fastest land animal is the cheetah. Hmmmmm going to have to disagree angry bears Are the fastest.
by Pike1905 April 6, 2019
When you hum lightly and put your face right inbetween a fat girl's tits and shake your head vigorously side-to-side, keeping your lips and cheeks loose so they flop around and make an audible sound.
This act can also be performed on well-endowed thin women.
My god, that fat chick is busting out of her tank top both above and below! You think she'd slap me if I went over and gave her an angry polar bear?
by NAW November 25, 2006