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The unpleasant physical, emotional and psychological effects experienced after an episode of rage or extreme anger - an anger hangover.
1. After spending an hour arguing about my bill with customer service, I have an angover.

2. I feel like I have an anger-hangover. I have an angover.
by stabby_lyd September 01, 2009
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The terrible feeling you wake up with after a night of being an angry dick, yelling at loved ones or friends in a blind rage. Kind of like a hangover, but caused from being intoxicated with anger. May or may not involve the consumption of alcohol.
Beth: What's wrong, Charles?
Charles: I have a massive angover.

Beth: What happened?
Charles: I called my sister a bitch last night and told my friends that they're all selfish pricks. Now I have a splitting headache and I feel super guilty.

Beth: Are you gonna apologize?
Charles: No.
by Dr. Daunt November 10, 2018
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