One hella hard poring in Ragnarok Online.
Once its gotcha in its clutches; it summons a buttload of other porings to gang up on you.If you run into it while youre a novice; its bloody suicide.
I had to use up all of me skill points on me asassin cross charrie to kill that angeling.
Sonic Blow; and Cloaking.
It was all worth it; though. I saved a million zeny getting those wings meself.
by Fatima-Chan August 09, 2006
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Angel; it makes total sense why she’s been given that name. because, she's Angelic. A one-of-a-kind type of girl. She’s very deep in her emotions but in a kind of beautiful way. She makes everything look so beautiful. Angel is truly gifted at writing, she can write about anything and make it sound amazing. Once you become close friends to her, you'll get to meet one of the best sides to her. Her wild side. She seems so innocent when you first meet, but she turns out to be one of the dirtiest people you know. She has emotional issues and sometimes even depression, but she’s ALWAYS nice. Angel’s one of the most beautiful girls you could ever come across. She is so quickly lovable, that you'll get mad at yourself for not becoming her friend. And just like a flower blooming, her cleverness overpowers everything else. not just school smart but just knowledge smart. She knows a lot of things other people wouldn't have a clue about. Although she feels these horrible feelings about herself, she isn’t attention seeking. Which makes her even more perfect. She is beauty inside and out. She’s very knowledgeable in everything. Art, music, English, writing, sport, makeup, making friends and just knowing what to say. She can make you feel everything at once. She has so much love to give out to the world, it's literally pouring out of her. Angel, if you are reading this YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL. I love you.
by areyougonnafinishthatcrossiant October 18, 2017
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Angeles is a special type of girl, one you will never ever find again. She has a shell of beauty, her body well figured and delicate. She has a distinct voice and smell. Her hair ( when short ) falls at her shoulders with a messy grace. Her hair ( when long ) reaches the small of her back and will always stick to it. To see through her shell which she reinforces every second of the day, you must look into and see through her eyes. Although being beautiful and brown, her eyes are lonely and lost. Once you get past her shell, she melts at your fingertips, revealing miles of emotional trauma and abuse. When she trusts you, you’re able to see a side she isn’t even aware she has. If you are lucky enough to fall in love with an Angeles, she will show you her world. Her world revolves around her passion for music, art, and the one she truly loves. She’ll always put in 110% into you. Don’t ever lose this girl. Angeles is a truly divine person.
Nobody can do it the way Angeles does it.
by divinedemon August 17, 2018
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A sentence used in the Shadowhunter book series by Cassandra Clare. The sentence is used with irritation, disbelieve, shock, etc.
You could see it as the replacement of Oh My God.
By the Angel Jace, could you be more reckless!
by Tamesis Herondale September 20, 2015
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Angelic, as in the name. Latin & French meaning, "Of the angels".

Angelic is a wonderful person to be friends with. She's loyal and sweet and will only show a bad side if somebody takes a very beloved person away from her. She's girly and into all things cute and beautiful, such as makeup, fashion, and lots of shoes. Keep in mind that she's not one of those girls who are so full of their self and act as if they're goddesses. Angelic is actually a humble person who knows she's gorgeous but will never shove it in anybody's faces. She's inspirational and a fun girl to hang around with. She enjoys going to the beach and hanging out at the parks. Traveling is her number 1 passion and so is encouragement. She's a BIG animal lover and will not do anything to hurt someone's feelings. That is unless they hurt hers, then you better be prepared what she throws at you. She's honest and brave and falls in love easily but is defiantly careful with her relationships. Most of all, she's exactly what her name says. A humble girl full of love and joy and positivity.
Friend: Woah, that girl just stood up to that bully.
Girl: Yeah, that's my friend, Angelic.
Friend: Angelic is pretty brave!
by hopelovefaithjoy October 09, 2017
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1. The girl who make every one crack a smile as she enters

2. A girl who loves even when the person won't love back

3. The girl who is willing to take a bullet for a friend

4 the girl one girl who will cry with her friend to make them feel better
That girl is Angel.
by Kawaii_girl_named_pink February 20, 2015
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Slang for a fear of women/girls. First gained popularity in 2017, as a way high school boys joked about each other .
Damn dude just ask her out what do you have angelism or something .
by Peru Gang October 15, 2017
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