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One hella hard poring in Ragnarok Online.
Once its gotcha in its clutches; it summons a buttload of other porings to gang up on you.If you run into it while youre a novice; its bloody suicide.
I had to use up all of me skill points on me asassin cross charrie to kill that angeling.
Sonic Blow; and Cloaking.
It was all worth it; though. I saved a million zeny getting those wings meself.
by Fatima-Chan August 09, 2006
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Originally; a program used to Hack the legitimate AOL program and add some cool features. Long before today, it was taken off teh web.
but, in todays news; AOHell describes the state of confusion and assfuckery that one has to endure to get to the "Internet" using America Online Servers. aka constant booting, slower load time for webpages as the Government watches, and totally fucked-up images.
In 1994:
GODDAMMIT this AOHell is the Best! I got free internet and downloads,and this KICKS ASS!
in 2006:
GODDAMMIT im in AOHell! I just got fucking BOOTED for the FIFTH TIME!!!
by Fatima-Chan June 17, 2006
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