heyy amoy how are youuu
wahhh gwannn
by silencedkiller June 2, 2020
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amoy is khai crush.he reject her and like another girl but he is handsome,gentleman and caring
by khaiyaiyo October 26, 2020
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Indonesian slang = Chinese girl, Chinese girlfriend, same as "Amoi"
"Check out that Amoy"
"Me and my Amoy"
by Li Hu June 15, 2007
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"Chinese girl" or Chinese girlfriend (slang) in Indonesian
"Did you see that hot Amoi?"
"I saw him with his Amoi"
by Li Hu June 15, 2007
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A creature that lives in her ghastly abode, screaming and groaning whilst reading english literature. Some say she walks the earth at night, moaning through letterboxes that she hates the english language. Her diet consists of microwavable crap that is rumoured to be ridiculously healthy.

Dude 1: 'Dude your such a recluse . . .'
Dude 2: 'Fuck you Candypants, It could be worse, I could be Amoy On '.
Dude 1: 'True'
Dude 2: 'Thats okay man'
Dude 1: 'Sex?'
by Jamie Stephens November 13, 2007
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Offensive term referring to Chinese girls. Chant this if you want to get your head shoved right up your ass.
"Hello amoi! u look so sexy oooh hehehe...."

pow... pow.. pow... *pervert getting his nuts busted big time*
by Pak Su November 28, 2010
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Amoi- add me on insta
Dang bro look at that hot chick, go to her to amoi
by Holaaaaail October 20, 2018
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