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When having sex from behind, in the "doggie" position, you knock a girls arms out from under her and pull them back above her head, smacking her head against the floor and making her into a virtual plow.

(Walking around while in this position is optional)
Last night me and Becky were having sex and I pulled the amish plow! I'll never see HER again!
by AXiD July 28, 2004
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During sexual intercourse, namely doggy style, the male swipes both arms from underneath the female. Thus causing her face to plow violently against the ground/bed, which in turn, causes a massive rash to appear.

(works well on carpet)
Friend: "Hey Kristine, where did you get that fuckin massive rash on your face?"

Kristine: "Oh, one of the Basketballers was fuckin me from behind on the carpet and he gave me the amish plow..."

Friend: "HAHAHAHA! You dummmmmmmmmmmmmmmb cunt! I told you to quit bein' a groupie slut!"

Kristine: "I know, i know... but it hurt soooo good!"
by Dorr Biscuit November 15, 2006
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