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An amazon girl/woman who happens to be attractive despite her freakishly large stature or overly muscular body.
"That was a huge bitch, but I'd still make her my amazon princess and let her slap me around!"
by Sarah Lambert February 27, 2008
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1) One who is constantly receiving boxes from

2) One who is constantly on Amazon updating his/her Wish List in hope of buying something
1) Shantel is a Amazon Princess, she is always receives Amazon boxes.

2) I always catch Mark browsing at work, he is such a Amazon Princess.
by pseudosaurus rex April 30, 2011
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A woman sooo beautiful with a bosom so ripe that when she farts, sunshine comes out of her ass.

Also a psychologist named Adam.
Damn yo! That bitch farted sunshine she must be an Amazon Princess...or a phychologist named Adam.
by porpabean March 07, 2005
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