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Different versions of a gene, of which code for different versions of a characteristic.

If the alleles in a mtching pair are the same, they are called homozygous alleles.

If the alleles in a matching pair are different, they are called heterozygous alleles.

Some alleles are dominant to other forums of a gene and will always be expressed.

Some alleles are recessive to other forms of the gene and will rarely be expressed.
The physical expression of alleles which are pairs is the phenotype.
by Rainy_Night May 12, 2007
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1) For a given gene locus, one of two or more slightly different molecular forms of a gene that arise through mutation and that code for different variations of the same trait.

2) A giant octupus wearing a tophat that dances to the music played on the elevator in my garage.
1) "Yep, I inhereted my LONG PENIS allele from my mother."

2) "DUDE! Why did you throw that allele at my face?!"
by Evan February 20, 2005
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