a word that is ok to say quietly while ur preying and not supposed to be yelled in public

if u say "allahu akbar" loudly in public, the ur very possible to be shot by cops
in a mosque: "allahu akbar"

in public: "allahu akbar!!!!" BANGGGG
by redd grizzz November 15, 2020
Actually means "God is the Greatest" but Isis uses this incorrectly. Isis however is actually the complete opposite of Islam.
*gets a good grade* "Allahu Akbar. I thank god for the good grade"
by hamba999 September 29, 2015
Expression meaning, " the God (ALLAH) is Greater..." used predominately by Muslims...it usually is thought to mean God is Greatest, however, there is no limit to the creator of the worlds, thus, " God is greater...than any limit imposed"....Greatest imposes a limit in the Universe
Peter: Eh yo, I just accepted Islam as my way of life. I believe there is only ONE God and Muhammad is one of his messengers.

Malik: Allahu Akbar! may Allah guide you to the best in this life and the next! Ameen!
by 23(tu-three) November 18, 2005
A word you shouldn't yell at cars that pass you on the highway with their windows open
"Hey (friend), I almost got my head blown off by a 12 gauge shotgun after yelling allahu akbar at cars passing by"
by fortniteburgerexe April 1, 2022
Literally means, God is Great in arabic, and is used to praise God.
Some people think it's a joke and mock us by making bomb jokes with "Allahu akbar" in them...
12yearold: "Boom!!! ALLAHU AKBAR"
Muslim: Naw man that's racist.. It ain't like that man,
by The Real Pro June 14, 2015
The thing I shouted when I was gonna run into the game stop
allahu akbar fuckers
by OneFuckingMachete October 13, 2019
"Allah is Greater"- Allah is (part of) the proper name of God.
by Pizza Joe November 2, 2017