Blowing yourself up for a cause, killing many innocent people in the process.
There is nothing to bury when you die as a suicide bomber. You’re in a million, little pieces mother fucker.
by gizmo+2 August 01, 2016
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A suicide bomber is where a man defecates on a woman's breasts, then wipes the feces off with pages torn from the Quoran.
Linus gave Sally a suicide bomber last night. Needless to say, Sally's Muslim dad is pretty pissed.
by Ol Dirty Fuka May 03, 2010
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when you see a girl/guy that looks hot as hell from far away until you see them walk closer and turn out to look ugly as shit
a cute girl looks good from far away. she comes closer and your face turns from a smile to a frown because shes ugly as hell. you turn to your friends and yell suicide bomber
by Troublemaker69 April 03, 2011
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Before climaxing within a woman's vagina, the man pulls out and, standing over her, begins masturbating furiously. The man then shouts "Allah u Akbar!" and then proceeds to climax on their own face. The Suicide Bomber.
Before climaxing, Jesse shocked the nation when he turned out to be a suicide bomber and climaxed all over his own face. There were two survivors. Nobody was injured, Jesse was just covered in semen.
by n8t the gr8 November 16, 2010
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A Suicide bomber is someone who suicidally blows themself up (Usually a terrorist) With An Explosive (C-4 or a home made bomb most commonly) for a cause, Usually to inspire fear in civilians and governments
Person A: Hey dude did you hear about that Suicide Bomber on the news?

Person B: Yes. He fucked up that building pretty bad.
by Frilled Potato June 18, 2018
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Some Fuckin' Muslim with a God Damn bomb who wants revenge against fuckin' christians because of the crusades
"That motherfucking suicide bomber blew up that god damn airport for somethin' that happened a thousand years ago!"
by Animefan32 October 25, 2017
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cheap fuckers that cant aford a decent bomb with a remote detanator
that suicide bomber must be real proud now he is not even around to celabrate
by jason andregg November 09, 2006
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