the turbines in the plane whent round and round, until two towers got in the way..
allah akbar is when someone coverd head to toe in black cloth runs into a school with a paper bag.
by reggiemiller 31 October 5, 2020
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literally means god almighty but memes and Islamophobic describe it as what terrorist say
me praying: allah akbar
every white guys on Pakistani airlines: TERRORIST
my dad: nigga what the fuck
by deacon___blues#9076 September 7, 2019
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1. Transliteration of the common Arabic phrase, "الله أكبر" meaning "God is Great";
2. An expression of faith and love of God similar in meaning and character to the Christian expression, "Praise the Lord"
Host: Did you enjoy your meal?
Guest: Yes, it was delicious. Allah Akbar
by Miimno August 20, 2008
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What you say before bombing something or someone.
Jack: Hey, go blow up that police station.
Kyle: ok, ALLAH AKBAR!
by Mr. Pass interference April 13, 2022
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What you say to a paper like NYT or any corporation when it finally realizes that its woke-nap wasn't real and that they have been living in Elmo's world for far too long.
Allah Akbar. The NYT finally admitted that the Hunter Biden laptop was not Russian disinformation
by Sexydimma March 19, 2022
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Allah akbar is a pronouncement meaning that religious followers believe that Allah is a greater, more powerful God than any other god.
In battle, if an opponent is killed, the survivor might say, "Allah akbar" as an acknowledgement that his survival is obvious proof of his belief that Allah is indeed greater than the god of his dead opponent. After all, he lived and the other guy didn't.
by student of languages December 8, 2013
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What Jamal yelled when delivering pizza to towers by plane
Allah Akbar here's your pizza
by Graspmefirmly April 24, 2019
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