dad: son, stop living in Elmo's world.

son : you mean, you want me to stop living underwater

dad: no, I said stop living in a your own disconnected from reality world. people living underwater at least have intelligent ideas partially connected to reality, but considered beyond eccentric; you, however, are beyond the Pale.
by Sexydimma August 17, 2014
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a kick butt show for 2-5 year old but hey I whach it
lalalal lalal elmo's worl
llalalala elmo's world!
elmo loves his goldfish,
his crayon too,
that's elmo's world!!!!
by nikki September 26, 2004
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the place where all the cool people unite and dance to crunk music and eat icecream wit mr.noodle and get high and tipsy wit elmo
rosalyn goes to elmo's world when she is ready to partay
by rosalyn warren June 12, 2008
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The place Elmo goes when he gets high.

Just kidding, the real example is this: Elmo's World is a place of Satan
by TheRealMugman October 28, 2020
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Elmo’s World is a segment on Sesame Street hosted by Elmo, an annoyingly high-pitched furry red monster who has the ability to communicate with fish. He owns magic crayons which he apparently has a fetish for.

Besides Teletubbies, Elmo’s World is inarguably the trippiest show ever. Everything in the house is alive, as well as the house itself is alive. Given the fact that every object you encounter has the potential to be a breathing, sentient being makes me wonder if Elmo has been using acid the entire time the program’s been aired. The show also features an annoying talking computer, as well as a television set that has channels for every topic imaginable. Elmo’s doorway is actually a portal that leads to numerous parallel dimensions. When you put all these factors together, Elmo’s World sounds more like a science fiction than a children’s program.

Elmo’s World also stars Mr. Noodle, a homeless man who lives just outside of Elmo’s house. He is featured on every episode, each with him performing certain duties and somehow managing to screw up every time (even the kids know what to do). Elmo’s World is one psychedelic show. It makes Barney look normal in comparison.
I watched Elmo's World when I had nothing else to do. Now I can't get that stupid theme song out of my head.
by cheeseperson12 March 8, 2013
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The plan Elmo has for the world. It involves bloody murdering Grover on TV and instilling fear into everyone, leting him control the world.
Elmo's New World Order will come soon!
by TheRealMugman October 9, 2020
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