A rock artist who helped shape what music is today. Not a girl you idiots.
by Eric December 29, 2004
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Amazing(if ageing) shock rocker. He is actually a man, to any stupid fuck that thought otherwise. The name of the band that got him successful was Alice Cooper, and he believed himself to be the reincarnation of a witch of that name. later, he legally changed his name to Alice Cooper. The song that he is probably most famous for is schools out.
by A Metaphor for Paranoia January 08, 2005
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Alice Cooper is not just a great rock artist, he is THE GREATEST rock artist. he is what real music is about. He is another league, he kicks all pop 'artists' in their plastic butts then upstages them by playing a kick ass show while pop 'bands' are stuck playing at four year olds birthday parties.
alice cooper has influenced all decent music today NO ONE can compare to a ROCK GOD.
2 year old me: (listening to my daddys cd collection) Who's this daddy?
2 year old me:he's cool
me 7/nov/05: (surrounded by alice cooper fans in cardiff) Oh my god...Im going to see alice cooper....again!!!!!!!!!!
Shit there he is!!!!(random screaming and shotung u fucking rock!!!!!!!!)
by womanofmassdistraction January 20, 2006
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NOT A GIRL AND KISS AND ALL SHOCKER BANDS ARE INFLUENCED BY HIM NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND!!! The name of a band not just the real guy with the most mascara
God of rock "Ail Alice Cooper! Screw school! You can go to hell if you think hes a she!!!"
by monkey assenhoff January 07, 2006
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alice cooper, or the alice cooper group were originally named the spiders until they did a wigi board together that spelt out the name "alice cooper". originally called vincent damon furnier he had his name legaly changed to alice cooper in 74. he still records to this day although in my opinion he was much better when he was with the original band which broke up in 74
good albums:
love it to death
school's out
billion dollar babies
welcome to my nightmare

good person: alice cooper is so fucking amazing!
fucktard: who's she?
by 123krissie321 March 21, 2008
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