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a shitty form of 'music' (some1 plz explain how it can fall into the same catergory as metal) where a bunch of 'boys' (once again confused) wear girls jeans a townie t shirt nd get there hair bleached blonde then buy guitars write a bunch of meaningless shit, it gets on the radio nd almost damages my ears. it sucksey cant sing cant play their instruments and write as well as a piece of retarded zombie cat shit
oooh the girl dumped me coz im a loser(some windows break)
oooh i shagged the gay off star trek (a crappy attempt of a guitar solo)
who's david?did she dump me coz i damaged her ears.
that girls fit lalalalalala (more windows break)
i write pop music lalalalalalalala (1 final window break and i run around screaming "my eaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrs the pop crap is spreading")
by womanofmassdistraction January 20, 2006

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Alice Cooper is not just a great rock artist, he is THE GREATEST rock artist. he is what real music is about. He is another league, he kicks all pop 'artists' in their plastic butts then upstages them by playing a kick ass show while pop 'bands' are stuck playing at four year olds birthday parties.
alice cooper has influenced all decent music today NO ONE can compare to a ROCK GOD.
2 year old me: (listening to my daddys cd collection) Who's this daddy?
2 year old me:he's cool
me 7/nov/05: (surrounded by alice cooper fans in cardiff) Oh my god...Im going to see alice cooper....again!!!!!!!!!!
Shit there he is!!!!(random screaming and shotung u fucking rock!!!!!!!!)
by womanofmassdistraction January 20, 2006

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i'm sorry that stupid pop bands hav insulted u by implying they count as music.
RIP u were and allways will be the greatest guitarist of all time RIP u rock
im a complete asshole im goin 2 destroy the music industry by murduring dimebag darrel- 1 of the greatest musitions ever
by womanofmassdistraction January 15, 2006

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Preps are usually the girls who all dress in skintight jeans and tiny pink t-shirts they wear anything with a designer label. The difference between goths and preps' luv 4 labels is a goth will buy something that will express who they are, preps will buy anything the media tells them is 'cool'.
preps are the people who take the piss out of anyone who hasn't been tangoed or hasn't had a tub of peroxide shoved on their heads they call anyone with any form of boobs a slag then frantically put sox down their bra nd shag the nearest jock.
Preps are complete sluts and fakes they think they look a million dollars but frankly, they're ten a penny, and thats not just 4 their prostitution fees.
slap on the make up 2 cover those zits
shove sox down ur bra 4 instant fake tits
preps bible
by womanofmassdistraction December 31, 2005

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son of dork are a crappy bunch of wannabes who cant sing 4 shit cant write for shit and cant play instrements for shit.
come to think of it they propbably share 1 brain cell between them and take it in turns to breathe!!

they suk they look like girls and are just anofa pop band wiv the musical talent of a dying cat. anyone who thinks their good propbably hav the hearing of my deaf nan.

prep: ooh im a propa rock chick i bought a son of dork album 'rock and roll'

*puts cd on, all windows break and she starts dancing like a retarded frog on steroids*
by womanofmassdistraction January 15, 2006

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