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A total gamer who is always analysis what's around it.Love's going outside and is always helpful when it us needed,also has a bright smile and always positive
"You are such an alexian!!"
by Lover_of_your_mom October 22, 2015
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Music so good it could elicit sexual arousal.
The new We Came As Romans albums is chock full of bonerjams.
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They are the strongest people you can ever meet. Even though they are strong they are peaceful. They have a kind heart full of joy. They were born to be leaders and are not afraid to step up and take a challenge. Everyone loves Alexians. You can never replace one because he is unique in many different ways. If you are friends with an Alexian he will bring you nothing but rewards. They are very noble. But if you mess with an Alexian you are going to regret it. They are not afraid to get into a fight. They are just so epic and awesome
Man alexian is a beast

Guy2: for real man I would love to be him
by Www/Google/definitions .com November 19, 2019
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A good mexican friend with a great personality and cool to get along with. He backs up his friends whenever something goes wrong, he also will fight anybody that messes with him, he will fight anybody that messes with his friends and mostly his girl he ain’t no p*ssy, Alexian. Plays soccer, cooks some good ass tacos, and has a good looking girl friend, the best girlfriend Alexian will have, is a girl that her name starts with a β€œC” and at the end a β€œD”. If you have any, friend, boyfriend or best friend, you are one lucky person. He is charming ,Good looking, and very hot. He's just perfect,
β€œYo if you have anybody named alexian you’re lucky man”
by Www/Google/definitions .com November 18, 2019
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