An over paid baseball player on the Yankees where he is a perfect fit. Possible the worst fielding third baseman in the league, but I bet it would be hard to field with a needle in your arm. Well known for slapping the ball out of Bronson Arroyo's glove and getting the shit beaten out of himself by Red Sox catcher Jason Varitek.

Also see:
steroids, pussy, ballslapper
Announcer: And another error by Rodriguez, that makes 300 on the season, and it looks like it shattered his needle too.
by Red Sox rock August 8, 2005
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Probably THE best baseball player ever. On pace to break the homerun record. Though many people say he is a bad fielder, he was a shortstop his whole life and had to switch over to third, which yes is a big deal. No he is not cocky, as said my a fellow yankee 3rd basemen in the minors, A-rod in spring training is always the one talking to the minor leaguers and asking if they had any questions, or offering to help them with their game. And i would like to see one person turn down a 10 year 252 million dollar contract, that's right, no one would.
Oh bases loaded, counts 1-2, alex rodriguez will strike out, NOPE! grand slam homerun! walk off hr!
by RossiP April 18, 2007
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The most overpaid karate blackbelt in professional baseball today.
Game 6 of the ALCS - hack hack hack...
by Pablo, King of the Spaniards October 23, 2004
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A baseball player who's currently playing for the New York Yankees. He has played for the Seattle Mariners and also the Texas Rangers before he was traded to the Yankees. He's one of the most paid players in the MLB, and while no person should have that kind of money for being an athlete, he's a pretty damn good player. Nevertheless, he's cocky as hell, and he kept flip-flopping on his choice for which team he was going to play for in the World Baseball Classic. The Dominican Republic, or the US?

His parents were born in the Dominican Republic, but he was raised in the United States. And no, he is not Puerto Rican like the one bimbo said.

Also MVP.
Alex Rodriguez is one cocky son of a bitch, I just wish he stayed with the Mariners.
by Santana June 27, 2006
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1. (v) To slap

2. (n) a purple cocksmoker; proven true by the color of his lips

3. (n) an overpaid baseball player brought to New York to win a World Series; look how that turned out
1. What a pansy Alex Rodriguez is, did you just see him SLAP another man...

2. Dude, what's up with A-Rod's lips.... Jeters dick must be purple

3. Get over yourself, you suck
by Murph April 19, 2005
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A baseball player for the New York Yankees who is known for his breakdown in pressure situations. He is an inconsistent fielder at times making five error per game. Often hated by the Yankees fans not being able to perform up to his salaries. He is known for his dirty plays such as when he tried to slap the ball out of a Red Sox player during the 2004 ALCS.
Yankees Fan: Alex Rodriguez sucks .
Yankees Fan2: A-Rod is overpaid.
Yankees Fan3: He is a terrible fielder.
by dsh5enren December 17, 2006
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