Fame spreading faster than ebola
me: mum can i go to target?
mum: why?
me: ALEX

(example for alex from target)
by beau_nanas on twitter November 3, 2014
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Noun. Alex from target is a secret ancient beauty God that was discovered in target stores. One look will make pussys go from the Sahara Desert to the Amazon rainforest. His powers are undeniably powerful. Looking too long will cause your eye balls to melt with the burn of a thousand Sun's but with loving passion. Cherish Alex for he is a gift from God. He owns the internet now. He owns you.
I'm pretty sure Jenny was looking at Alex from target on her phone during class because there was a small puddle on her seat.

Don't look at Alex from target to long or else you'll regret it
by IToldYouSo November 4, 2014
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Just a normal teenager who happens to work at target. He got famous because some creepy girl took a picture of him cause she thought he is hot. He got invited to go on Ellen a few days later. Many teenage girls idolize him and many guys are jealous. He's just a normal 17 year old. He is honestly one of the nicest people I have ever met, even though he wears scrubs to school just about every day (and his girlfriend does the same which is why they are perfect together)
I felt so bad for Alex from Target right after everything went viral because there were reporters surrounding the school's main staircase all morning!
by fatkids_cant_do_backflips February 22, 2015
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Alex from Target is a hardcore pimp who recently gained fame as an Instagram sensation for reasons beyond the comprehension of any sane person.
Alex from Target bagged my bags when no one else would.
by 2talltman November 3, 2014
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A poor kid from Target who's picture has been taken by retarded teenage girls just to masturbate to
"I masturbated to Alex From Target last night!"
by I can't think of one November 10, 2014
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i have no idea who this guy is but somehow he gained fame on instagram just because he is cute
by perfection mm November 17, 2014
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Some picture made by some thirsty high-schooler cunt. The guy in the picture, he's getting paid minimum wage like every other employee; the twist? He's famous. Good for the kid, but he's just overrated and soon, no one will give a flying fuck about him and he'll be another particle of dust in the air.
Hipster Boy 1: Get away from me you mainstream mongrel.
by CockyPrick November 10, 2014
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