One who drinks the sweet drink of the gods to the point of reliance upon it.
"I swear to drunk I'm not god!"

ex.-Alexander Hines-the dorito king
by dave g August 23, 2005
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People who drink themselves into oblivion on a regular basis i.e. the scots
I've never seen anyone drink as much as those scots they are bloody alcoholics.
I travelled throughout europe and no one puts the drink away like the scottish people haha
by English Princess March 17, 2008
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1. A title earned, not given.

2. A person who never has a bad time at any bar
1. Beer in the morning, beer in the evening, beer at supper time! When beer is in a bottle, you can drink beer anytime!!!

Club head guido: That music sucked at that bar last night! There wasn't anything I could even pump my fist to! Im never going back!

Alcoholic: The beer on tap was ice cold and fresh, Im going back tomorrow! PENNY BEERS MOTHER FUCKER!!!!
by get_crunk_with_fat_sluts April 27, 2009
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Someone who drinks alcohol everyday of the week from morning to night,

Someone who is dependant on alcohol they can hold down a job and family but needs to drink in order to feel calm and normal
You drink everyday of the week but you claim your not an alcoholic?

My dads an alcoholic he drinks everyday of the week.

"Why did your mum and dad divorce" ?" Becuase my dad was an arrogant self centered heartless alcoholic who only cared about himself"

Alcoholics are not people you see in the street with ripped clothes and holding a bottle of vodka they can be family men laywers police officers school teachers it is an awful thing alcoholism and destroys peoples and families lives
by Harry69 October 25, 2010
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