The buffer between reality and a good night. Has been known to make people seem more attractive and make obviously stupid idea's seem like good sense.
Without alcohol people become boring, ridgid and quiet.
by Emilio Harwich April 05, 2006
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a tricky drug that makes you forget all your problems but couple hours later makes you fall into straight up depression
I am so drunk from alcohol
-couple hours later
why dont you love me gary
by dagreatest February 04, 2009
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A drug that is 10x more dangerous than weed, but championed and galvanized in our society as a rite of passage.

Starts out taking the edge off, but can quickly degenerate into violence, belligerence and death...
So we can carry bottles of alcoholic whiskey and Vodka out on the streets when we're 21 legally, but if a Cop catches a whiff of marijuana they can beat us blindsided and let us get ass handled in prison?

Dam...shits done changed... or it should change anyway
by in966 January 16, 2011
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Alcohol. What most of your university/college life will revolve around.
Alcohol. The cause of, and the solution to all of life's problems.
by Pseudonym March 28, 2005
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A toxin typically derived from the fermentation of sugars in various fruits or vegetables. This is then distilled and utilized in a variety of ways in order to render a shitty day forgotten, make unattractive women appear more appealing and ultimately dull the pain of your disappointing life.
Chap 1: My old friend I have had the foulest of days.

Chap 2: Perchance we shall consume our alcohol.

Chap 1: Quite!
by Doomy_McDoomdoom August 06, 2008
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"Alcohols" are units to measure how much people drank, regardless of what type of beverage they consumed. One "alcohol" is one ounce of alcohol. You measure how many "alcohols" you drank by multiplying the number of ounces you drank by the percentage of alcohol. So, if you drink 5 Coors Lights, 12 ounce cans with 4.2% alcohol, you will have consumed 2.52 β€œalcohols” (5x12x0.042). If you drink 10 ounces of Skyy vodka, with 40% alcohol, you will have consumed 4 "alcohols.
Tom: "How many alcohols did you drink last night?"
Nick: "I only let myself drink 2 alcohols, I have a chem test this week."
Tom: "Did you see Nicole last night? She must have had at least 7 alcohols."
Nick: "Yeah, well she was drinking Everclear, that has a lot of alcohols in it."
by TuftsParties February 27, 2011
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