A talentless loser with no sense of humour and no friends (Alcock)
jim: Did you see that loser yesterday, trying to play the drums?
Gaz: Yeh what a stupid alcock
by Gareth Fisher October 9, 2006
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The act of guiding a drinking party to an expensive food outlet, then once seated leaving them for a cheap fast food vendor.
Andy really gave us an alcocking last night!

I’m going to alcock my work do, it’ll be a laugh!
by Mundoman September 9, 2019
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Alcock's are the sickest cunts ever. they always get all the bitches and fuck like crazy.
"Fuck, that alcock is baller, look at how he is pounding that pulsating cunt"
by bestcuntever August 24, 2014
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got no bitches, bad posture, probably has arthritis and reads harry potter fanfics.

texts like a bitchboy and would 100% public urinate if they got bored.
Gay as fuck

a furry
tyler alcock is such a baddie #slay
by Ludovico loves r(c)ocks March 28, 2022
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