Did you buy a cell phone?
Yeah, I bought an Alcatel one.
by Albert! May 27, 2007
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A terrible person, has no heart, likes to argue, and is generally a bitch and likes to ruin people's lives for no reason.
Ethan is such an Alcatel, he reported 50 users on Discord for doxxing and they all got deleted!
by Depression#0921 August 26, 2018
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Alcatel 1b was Americas cheapest smartphone at Walmart for only $9 and with tax $10 until someone bought them all aka me and they replaced them with the shitty hot pepper phone and Alcatel 1b is the best tiktoker lol
Oh you have the Alcatel 1b

Yeah I smashed it cuz it’s cheap junk

Oh ok.
by Amogus😳 August 25, 2022
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