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Alcatel 1b was Americas cheapest smartphone at Walmart for only $9 and with tax $10 until someone bought them all aka me and they replaced them with the shitty hot pepper phone and Alcatel 1b is the best tiktoker lol
Oh you have the Alcatel 1b

Yeah I smashed it cuz it’s cheap junk

Oh ok.
by Amogus😳 August 25, 2022
Nokia2v is the best 2v tiktoker that thinks NOKIA is the best manufacturer for smartphones, and thinks the he famous nokia 3310 is good also, nokia2v is definitely better then huawei2v is deservers more, he is also know as bagelwithnocream1alt.
Hey, do you know nokia2v?

Yes, you mean the best 2v account on tiktok?.
by Amogus😳 July 12, 2022
The worst phone ever that is $15 at Walmart
Hey you have the hot pepper Serrano

Yeah I smashed it with a 10 pound hammer because it’s junk

Alcatel 1b better
by Amogus😳 August 25, 2022
Alcatel4010x is known as the worst techtokker for multiple reasons he hates on lgbtq and he hates on bagelwithnocream and he’s racist and more he is also very toxic
Hey have you heard of alcatel4010x

Yeah you mean the worst tecktoker ever

by Amogus😳 August 25, 2022