the sexiest alchemist ever. also a caring shortie with a deep voice and luscious blonde hair. also, sadly someone who will never come home </3
holy shit you pulled albedo? ur now on my rob list
by kurapika’s bff January 12, 2021
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albedo is the most hottest and sexiest alchemist alchemist on planet earth

person 1:look at how sexy albedo is he’s better looking than you

person2:...why did I even decide to be moots with you😐
by albedo sexy alchemist July 16, 2021
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a sexy alchemist made out of chalk with beautiful, gorgeous, and luscious blonde hair.
Albedo is made out of chalk, but he’s still so sexy.
by eggsaregross December 26, 2021
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AKA Periwinkle
Who is the fairy of the snow and sister of tinkerbell? Periwinkle
In Dragonspine who is the only character that doesn't steam out of his mouth? Abedo
Wait, are they the same? They have always been
Friend a: I just rolled albedo five minutes before his banner ends!
Friend b: Bro u mean Periwinkle
by Potatounicorn65 January 20, 2021
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a guy version of Elsa but also looks like a modern Elsa and a person from Genshin Impact. theia's are also obsessed with the guy Elsa.
"Omg! is that guy Elsa?" "no, it's Albedo!".
by catalina morgan April 5, 2022
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Blonde, gorgeous and sexy ass alchemist from Genshin Impact. Everytime he stretches his wrist after he uses his E skill is mmmmMmoohhh god mmyes. A victim of being written with some good ass breeding kink fics. (don't stop, please write more haha you're amazing)
Person 1: Albedo is such a genius. He could so easily create life out of thin air!
Me: He can create life inside of me if he wants to.
by ceiraph May 8, 2021
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The hottest most attractive being on the planet😫☝️. He is literally so hot everytime he's on screen I have the strongest urge to bust a nut. It's starting to become a problem with how attractive he is omg.
A: I want Albedo to step on me so badly
B:........ Your grandma just passed away wtf is wrong with you you dumb fucking faggot
by yourfavoritechink May 9, 2021
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