A person that partakes in the act of defecating into a snow bank to freeze the log for use as a dildo in the future. Some may use condoms or saran wrap to reduce mess and health complications.
A rich and hearty diet is necessary to become a champion Alaskan Pipeliner.
by Frank Snowl December 18, 2012
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Grab a love glove and drop a deuce into it. Now take the shit-filled prophylactic and put it in the freezer; preferably away from anything resembling a frozen treat. Once your poop-sicle is rock hard, the party begins. Bend your girl over and start screwing. Once you have a good rhythm going, ram that fecal dildo in her ass. You may or may not want to warn her. Lube is advised.
Before Ted violated is girlfriend with an Alaskan Pipeline, he yelled, "Big load of crude coming in!"
by shadow_javelin January 29, 2011
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When one defecates into a condom, then inserts it into the freezer till frozen. Then after frozen uses as a sex toy.
Dude, Nick, i just my Alaskan Pipeline i made a few days ago and totally used it on Jenna. She totally loved it till i told her what it was. Now I'm in the dog house for a week.
by mr.crosscountry May 19, 2010
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When someone takes a massive shit, then freezes it, and in this process it becomes a frozen dildo. The girl then proceeds to use it to the benefit of her pussy.
After Candy scooped the poop out of the toilet, she put in the freezer for later pleasure, creating an alaskan pipe line.
by candy isanhower October 27, 2007
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invented by the Eskimos, the Alaskan Pipeline is the act of jerking your shit into a condom until it is full with your cum, tie it off, and freeze it by placing it in the freezer (the Eskimos simply left if outside their igloos). when the cum stick is completely solid, take it out of the condom and use it to pleasure yourself, its the most retarded way to get pregnant.
If you want to get pregnant by getting donated sperm, ask for a number of specimens, mix them up and perform the Alaskan Pipeline, then you will have either the most fucked up kid ever, or one with super powers
by PITITTY November 04, 2009
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You take a shit into a condom, then freeze it and fuck a girl/guy with the frozen shit. This term originates from the cold weather in Alaska and the large amount of pipelines.
Guy 1: Yo, this chick was totally down for an Alaskan Pipeline.

Guy 2: Really? That's fucked up! When did you do her?

Guy 1: Just a few minutes ago. She even wanted it up her ass!
by I Fiend Cack May 31, 2009
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When a girl takes a shit inside of a condom, freezes it, and uses it as a dildo.
I made myself a great Alaskan pipeline last night.
by Rodthedictator March 25, 2016
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