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Alarna; is a gorgeous and bubbly girl. She is known to be fun outgoing and really friendly she is he best person to befriend she will have your side till the end just don't get off on the wrong foot.

She usually knows what she is doing.
Hey it's alarna
by Spongebob no pants July 27, 2017
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Alarna is like a lucky dip. you never know what you could get. she has such good qualities like shes friendly, trustworthy, loyal and really really funny. shes the person you go to when you need a good laugh. shes respectful, honest and i'm so lucky to have a friend like her.
this party will be ten times better now alarnas here!
by KiT_kAt1978 June 16, 2018
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Somebody who can not handle their alchohol after one sip of Smirnoff ice they are pissed

Omg she’s so drunk she’s so alarna
by lolmug June 11, 2018
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Any girls called Alarna is kind, funny and a jewel. Alarnas are one of a kind and are the greatest person you’ll meet, she will always know how to make you laugh and always find away to make you smile even if she is not smiling at the time.

If a girl is named Alarna is means she is talented and hard working, she will always be determine to get the job done. She will go far in life.

She is affectionate to her significant other and friendly to her friends, she will always listen to you and always be the shoulder to cry on

Girls callled Alarna are BEAUTIFUL, sexy, georgouse, kind, down to earth, perfect, talented, friendly, bubbly and fun
‘I met this awesome girl last night, I think her name was Alarna’

‘Bro you have to treasure her like a jewel,
Alarnas are always good lovers’
by Human potato March 23, 2019
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