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The definition of autistic music, which is favored by mostly 12 years old kids, minecraft youtubers and normies. AW is untalented, wannabe producer/dj from norway. AW is best known for his overrated and overused music "Fade", which would reborn in 2015 as "Faded" with female vocalist. AW's music style is easy to distinguish; his music is often uncreative, bland and boring. He also likes to recycle his shitty songs 2-3 times. In addition, he has his own entire ghost producing team, which makes music for alan.

His entire fanbase is cringe-worthy and immature, like AW himself.
How to be famous like alan walker:

1. Make shitty song
2. Release it on NCS
3. Wait till Sony pick you up
4. ???
5. MR.WORLDWIDE (profit)
by StormContractorRC2 October 19, 2018
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An overrated, amateur, untalented and unoriginal producer from norway. His musical style is very boring, bland and simple as fuck. Alan Walker is famous for his world-wide hit Faded, which is recycled version of his first NCS Release "Fade", with female vocalist. Alan Walker stole some melodies and presets from K-391 tutorials, ripped off Ahrix - Nova, slowed it down and called it "Fade". The "Fade" became most popular NCS release due to its overusage of youtubers, mostly teenager minecraft, CoD and roblox gamers. The growing popularity of AW got attention of Sony music, thus AW signed to Sony, and made Faded. Alan walker is david guetta of this generation.
TOP facts about alan walker
1. Alan Walker's "signature sound"is copy of Ahrix and K-391 style.

2. AW is a jerk to people who helped him. AW just got popular because of NCS. After he signed to sony, he left NCS and never released his music again on NCS. He also didn't even congratulate NCS for reaching 10 million subscribers
3. His musical style and melodies are so shit, so he recycles his all songs by adding vocals in them, in hope of making them more listenable. The examples are Fade-Faded, Spectre-The spectre, Ignite- Ignite (feat. Julie Bergan & Seungri). Many millenials and generation z kids with no music taste are attracted by AW's music, mostly because of good vocalists, not his original music.

4. He started producing in 2012, but he still haven't mastered the mixing and mastering of his own songs.

5. He is terrible DJ who just plays music one by one. Also his tracklist is full of garbage songs.
6. Aw's ghost producer is called Mood Melodies. He is the man who actually made Alone, Sing me to sleep and rest of the other songs Alan Walker released later. He also remasters AW's old trashy songs.

7. AW's fanbase is very immature and cringe-worthy. AW likes to call his fans "The walkers". Walkers are mostly normies and sheep with no any experience and knowledge of EDM. You can read many retarded comments like "alan walker is the best DJ"
by 4nt1n0rm13 October 21, 2018
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A sweet, humble and kind DJ from Norway. He creates amazing EDM music that is not mainstream at all. He is such an inspiration. He loves his fans (the walkers) and we love him too! ♡
I love Alan Walker!
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by Walker#26283 March 08, 2019
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An Incredibly handsome music producer from Norway. Creator of Faded, Sing Me to Sleep and Alone
-Hey have you heard of Alan Walker?
-Yeah! He is my favorite artist!
by 💕🔥 April 20, 2017
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