Similar in usage to "girlboss", "boyboss" is a term referring to any strapping young man making his way in the corporate world by slowly and methodically eliminating the competition and ruthlessly commanding his subordinates. A boyboss superficially subscribes to modern cultural ideals like anti-racism and diversity, but if he ever displayed his true personality he wouldn't be out of place on the set of "Mad Men". The average boyboss is a truly cunning individual, only secondary in sheer power and charisma to the elusive "zeta male".
EXECUTIVE 1: Meet David, our newest head of Finance. He went to Dartmouth, where he majored in Diversity and Inclusion and Economics.

EXECUTIVE 2: Wow, what a boyboss! You go man!
by victoriaIV July 10, 2021
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Masculine counterpart to a girlboss. While the girlboss’s actions are excused because they simply hate to see a girlboss winning, the boyboss is such an alpha male that he can use his superior intellect to manifest and manipulate his way out of any situation.
Boyboss: I can score any female I want, but all they do is drag me down. I’m committed to the grind.
Friend of Boyboss: That is such a boyboss move, brother.
by peepeeparker May 13, 2021
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A direct antonym of ‘girlboss’. To fail something so immensely one has reached the boss level.
Did you see Kate try and rebound with Kyle?

Yeah, and he’s such a downgrade compared to her ex. What a boyboss move.
by bbyflames January 24, 2022
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it's like girlboss, except with men. it's a term used mainly by & for trans men
person a: "go off boyboss"
person b: "thank u girlboss"
by insecurearies February 26, 2022
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The same thing as girlbossing, but with a male. Related words include boyboss. May also be used as an adjective.
"Did you see that man's behaviour in the store? That wasn't very boyboss of him."

"Boybossing is just as necessary as girlbossing."
by epicgirlboss123 May 3, 2022
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