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2nd largest British mobile network. As of 2016 owned by Teléfonica.

O2 was the biggest network until T-mobile and Orange UK merged to form EE, part of BT. O2 responded by launching their Priority service and "Be More Dog" advertising
How have you got full 4G here - who are you on?

by CSD123 October 31, 2016
British train company owned by Arriva. Operates London-Sunderland and London-Bradford
Did you see what Virgin were charging? It was half the price with Grand Central!
by CSD123 March 12, 2016
British Airways are the flag carrier, and largest air line in the UK by fleet size.

British Airways crew have been stereotyped to work only two days per week, have the face of a horse and tell passengers to "fuck off" after any request, going so far as to hate Economy passengers for breathing
Air France crew: Oh you're British Airways, I thought I could hear somebody eating hay, how's you're hoofs?

Ba crew: Oh fuck off, go on fuck off
by CSD123 November 4, 2016
The action of running through fields of wheat in Maidenhead.

This is the naughtiest thing Theresa May ever did.
Oh, goodness me. Well, I suppose… gosh. Do you know, I’m not quite sure. I can’t think what the naughtiest thing…

"Well, nobody is ever perfectly behaved, are they? I mean, you know, there are times when… I have to confess, when me and my friend, sort of, used to run through the fields of wheat wheatfield, the farmers weren’t too pleased about that."
by CSD123 July 19, 2017
In the 1980s it was the envy of Britain, now it's a laughing stock under DB Regio. Metro trains are catching fire and having power failures frequently.
Did you hear about First Great Western - It isn't the worst anymore! The Tyne and Wear Metro is.
by CSD123 March 12, 2016
1) A meaningless phrase written on the side of a bus
2) A phrase uttered by a robotic prime minister that is in need of a restart.
3) (Theresa May) Repeated frequently while running through a field of wheat to calm down.
4) A sentence filler in order to avoid answering a question
5) A phrase used to completely ignore the issues at stake in an election
Your choice at this election: Strong and Stable Leadership under Labour, or a coalition of chaos under Theresa May and the DUP Dinosaurs.
by CSD123 July 19, 2017