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An Air Force slut. Particularly used by personnel from other branches of the US armed forces for a female airman who has sex with a lot of people from other branches of the armed forces.
SSgt Slatternly did a train of 15 Marines last weekend!

What a fuckin' air mattress!
by ex-phase-shark December 4, 2007
In US Air Force tech schools, (as of the mid 2000s) there is a "phase" system, wherein the longer you have been in tech school, the more freedoms and privileges you have.

A "phase shark" is someone who hangs around with people in a lower phase than they are in the hopes of scoring with them when they finally have enough freedom to (reasonably and without breaking any laws) have sex. It is usually the guys who are guilty of phase sharking, due to them vastly outnumbering women in the military.

The term almost always has derogatory connotations. I suspect a lot of that comes from people who are jealous that they didn't think to start hitting on that hot 1st phaser sooner themselves.

It's somewhat akin to an upperclassman dating freshmen.
"The main way I got laid in tech school was by phase sharking"

"Christ that guy is such a blatant phase shark!"

by ex-phase-shark December 4, 2007