Similar to "alright" however spelled without the l. Aight may seem like it indicates a state of mediocrity however it is actually quite the opposite. Aight is used by "cool guys" and "cute girls" as a flirtatious denial of true feelings, juxtaposing a feeling of mysteriousness and swagger.

Direct translation to average guy - you're actually cuter so i have to deny it otherwise i decrease in value
Amy: "you're so freaking cute and i want to squeeze you"
Cool guy "you're aight"
by Chicken Pot Pie Lover May 10, 2015
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a boy/girl who is not cute but is not ugly but just aight
yo is ole boy cute, na'll he aight
by nikki December 27, 2003
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A greeting,used int he ghetto.or by wanna-b project produce
aight blud
by hanz August 10, 2003
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speaking abbreviation for "all right", invented by a guy named Jim in June of 1975 after viewing the movie The Towering Inferno and being asked what he thought about it..
How was the movie? It was aight.
by Not Jim in Naptown August 15, 2013
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common misspelling for "aiight." pronunciation and defition are the same as above, however, proper spelling for origin of the word is with two "I"s, not one. aiight.
by Aiight February 27, 2003
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aight can be spelled aiight or iight meaning cool or okay in a gangsta-ish way
I'm gonna go, aight?
She/he is aight lookin.
by Kelsey Cutler September 28, 2003
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A term of dismissal. It literally indicates that all business has been concluded. Can be used either by the party leaving or the party being left. Often used with fool.
Person 1: Man, I'm bout to head out.
Person 2: Aight then, fool.
by Toyin September 29, 2006
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