Used in place of "o"'s in any word. If a "u" or "w" follows then the "u" or "w" can be excluded.
"Thahwe dahwen't knahwe."
"Hahwe dahwe yahwe dahwe that game?"
by RENEGATUS DOT COM October 18, 2003
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Always Hunt Wild Gnome - Term characterizing the belief that to truly to be enjoyed, Gnome must not be eaten in a rendered, processed or liquid form, but rather be caught wild and served in a variety of ways made popular by chefs specializing in Gnome-based delicacies. It is believed and even revered by hunters that the thrill of the hunt enhances flavor.
Disgusted hunter: "Hark! Is that Gnome you're..DRINKING? Why on Azeroth would you ever do such a wretched thing? Remember to always AHWS and you shall be enjoying the frenzied and robust flavor of the untamed Gnome until your own glorious end!"
by Divisionbear May 10, 2009
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Ahw is a girl who is bitchy and savage from the outside but soft and sensitive from the inside. She has many secrets deep in her but is hot. And by hot I mean HOT. She's a straight savage when it comes to rejecting boys.
*Dude 1*Hey there goes ahw! She hot.
*Dude 2* She's outta your league dawg. Actually she's in no one's league
by Starlight sparkle June 01, 2020
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