Sweet guy.Very handsome and amazing.Really good footballer.Liked by everyone and also girls like him a lot.he is talented and smart
by raggae potato January 22, 2019
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A man who you can barely understand what he is speaking at the moment. He's so krispy that you could tell that God left him in the oven too long. He has more oil than the people from India, in his skin when playing sports. He carries dogs in his backpack/shoulder bag because that's his only friend. He plays video games way too much and has an achievement score over 9,000!!!!! He is the brown eyed king due to his largely headed penis, but can't make up for his speech impediment. Also has the tendency of using "YO" in every god damn sentence.
1:Wayne:"Yo could you understand that nigga?"

Drake:"Nah man, he sounds like an Ahmadi..."

2:Rick Ross:"Man you see dat dumb nigga with that dog in his brown paper bag? Wait a minute... that nigga is Ahmadi, BAWS!

3:Ricky Martin: Yo his body is bangin, what type of oil did he use to look crispy like a 2 piece outta pop eyes?

Enrique Igleisies: It's from his smelly ass body odor and sweat drippin down to his ballsack
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A Muslim belonging to the subsect of the Ahmadiyya Movement called the Lahore Ahmadiyya Community which was started due to theological differences on calling other Muslims infidels, whether prophets can come, and on the status of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad. Lahoris believe anyone who says they are a Muslim is a Muslim, Lahoris believe no more prophets can come after Muhammad, Lahoris believe Mirza Ghulam Ahmad was not a prophet but a Muslim Saint
Hey Nabeel, who is that really cool type of Ahmadi?
Well, hes a Lahori Ahmadi, even better !
by Arfeeni April 21, 2021
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A person who looks sexy as fuck he fucks everyone at the party he doesn’t stop. His cock is 8 inches and he is 7’11
Oh no it’s Ali Ahmadi he’s here to fuck every girl now he’s so tall
by Ussinshdjsksksjsjdidj October 4, 2021
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Negar Ahmadi is the hottest and nicest girl ever, she'll deny it but she secretly knows it. As soon as you start talking to her you won't be able to stop!
Guy 1: Did you see Negar Ahmadi before?
Guy 2: yeah, she's so nice on the eye and nice to talk to imagine being her friend

*Guy 1&2 bash Guy 3*
by Guest_56319 June 27, 2016
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A very positive influence, a great guy, also an extremely talented and amazing athlete mostly for soccer, football, and wrestling
hey its walid ahmady alright now it is starting to be fun.
by Walid Ahmady December 6, 2008
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