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Also translated in Arabic as, "Noble intelligence". A really sharp and intelligent person who will normally tend to achieve high. A person whom you can trust upon with your secrets and no matter what, that secret will never go out. A person who is very loyal and understands people quite well. A personal who is very nice and really funny. A person who thinks on their feet and can improvise quite well. A person who is strong and can back you up. A person who is really hard to find because of the way they are. A person who basically has really good qualities.
Have you met Nabeel, he is so funny!
Nabeel said that about me? That's impossible i don't believe you, he can never do such a thing.
by Mark Fredeumerg May 25, 2015
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Arabic origins- 'one of strong will'

An excellent strategist/politician. Extremely loyal to a select few people. Sharp and observant. A good sense of humor.
Guy 1: The new guy on campus seems like a good guy

Guy 2: I know- I talked to him last night and he is such a Nabeel!
by blainek February 07, 2010
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Nabeel is man who is rough on people that he loves but he makes lots of people happy and he is only loyal to people he loves and he is kind a man who likes to always have his own thinking process on getting something or gifting someone
Nabeel is a very loyal man
by _someone_1 April 19, 2018
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Nabeel is cool and is the best ball player to ever play and he get so much pussy and fuck bitches everyday he is cool and lebron is the best he sooo cool i want to suck nabeels dick cause he is so cool i would fuck him
Nabeel is cool
by susan_sucks_dick February 09, 2018
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A Bangladeshi boy who looks like a chicken. He is really bad at driving and has no skills in any video games. He is usually compared to a noob.
Omg have u heard the guy who crashed his car, I think he is Nabeel's brother.
by Naim-Car-Crash September 22, 2018
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