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A man who you can barely understand what he is speaking at the moment. He's so krispy that you could tell that God left him in the oven too long. He has more oil than the people from India, in his skin when playing sports. He carries dogs in his backpack/shoulder bag because that's his only friend. He plays video games way too much and has an achievement score over 9,000!!!!! He is the brown eyed king due to his largely headed penis, but can't make up for his speech impediment. Also has the tendency of using "YO" in every god damn sentence.
1:Wayne:"Yo could you understand that nigga?"

Drake:"Nah man, he sounds like an Ahmadi..."

2:Rick Ross:"Man you see dat dumb nigga with that dog in his brown paper bag? Wait a minute... that nigga is Ahmadi, BAWS!

3:Ricky Martin: Yo his body is bangin, what type of oil did he use to look crispy like a 2 piece outta pop eyes?

Enrique Igleisies: It's from his smelly ass body odor and sweat drippin down to his ballsack
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