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In Persian; Means Prince Of Blood.

2. Incredibly sexy... Women fall for him.
3. Great hair.
4. Amazing, easily-lost-in eyes.
5. Smells amazing.
6. Soft, alluring skin.

This person is one that is unforgettable; You'll never regret meeting him.
"Wow... Mirza is so great! And dreamy too!;D"
by ZNIRE February 13, 2010
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Persian title roughly translated to "Prince of the Blood". Signifies royalty or aristocracy associated with old Persian shah's and the Mughal Emporers. The name has spread through to Eastern Europe, Central and Southern Asia and much of the Middle East.
"That guys a Mirza"

by #1inthehoodG December 03, 2008
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One of the hottest people to ever walk the Earth.

An adorably, sweet, amazing person.

Also means Prince in Persian.
Whoa. That boy's a Mirza!
by Beautiful55544443333222211111 November 17, 2009
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