chaeyoung is one of the hottest woman alive.

everyone should compare you to her, as she is so fucking hot. no one can deny it. if you hate on her, i’ll eat your ankles off. i am her bestie and bodyguard
significant other: “ you look like chaeyoung today!!”
you: “awe thanks babe~ “
by chaeyoungs slut (REAL) July 23, 2021
Rapper for the South Korean girl group 'Twice'. Super cute, as well as being a genuinely amazing rapper.
Person 1: Dahyun is the best rapper of Twice.
Person 2: She's cool, but Chaeyoung is way better.
by Neville Longbutt July 5, 2018
The best rapper on earth (if you disagree fight me😘)
by Yourhot27 March 5, 2022
A girl who is adverse to the human touch. Though popular with many guys, ironically, she has trouble finding friends of the same sex. Strangely, chaeyoungs are usually found to be bad at baking.
*Guy friend attempts to poke a chaeyoung*
*Girl manages to ninja reflex and block the poke*
Guy: "Whoa. You're a chaeyoung? No wonder I don't see many girl friends around you."
by Clark Heo August 11, 2011
very ching & untalan middle wouldn’t be as amazing without her, b!!!!
Chaeyoung uses soy sauce on her rice and calls a refrigerator an “ice box.”
by ur #1 friend November 21, 2018
Park Chaeyoung is the main vocalist and lead dancer of four member south korean girl group BlackPink. she is a walking angel and deserves the world and she is a full course meal ++ she leggy and her vocals could cut a bitch and her high notes and her thicc accent and her even thiccer body and her undying love for the outdoors and Lisa and she loves mangoes and she was born in New Zealand and lived in australia and her nicknames are chaeng, pasta, rosie, chipmunk and she has chubby cheeks and her english name is roseanne park and oh my god she's a goddess and she studied at canterbury girl's secondary college and her stage name is ROSÉ and she's under YG entertainment and her ideal man must be Kind, Generous, and have a nice voice and that's it for now on this walking angel.
did you see Park Chaeyoung at the inkigayo collab bro?

oh yeah, Rosé really slayed that stage
by parkgayyoung November 24, 2017
a member of the south korean girl group BLACKPINK. also known as her stage name “rosè” she’s super humble and kind hearted. her voice is literally *chefs kiss* did i mention her visuals and dancing yet? SHE’S LITERALLY FLAWLESS. YG WE NEED HER SOLO NOW!
person number one: do you like park chaeyoung from blackpink?
person number two: i LOVE her! she’s literally an angel!
by let’s burn down YG December 6, 2020