A relationship in which the age difference between the two partners is considerably more than the average.

Usually more than 10 years.
People will usually criticize you if you are in an age gap.
by good joey October 2, 2007
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The "doable age gap" defines the age gap between two teenagers, in which having sexual intercourse with each other is morally acceptable. It is usually defined as 4 years of difference, so an 18 year old guy having a sexual relationship with a 14 year old girl would be out of bounds.
Shes 14 and hes 17 but thats still in the doable age gap.
by eden69 November 25, 2017
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Sexual or romantic feelings directed at a teenage girl by an old man. See also "Minor Attracted Person," "Chomo," "Short eyes," and "Pedo."
"Luke defended age gap love by claiming that society infantilizes 13 year old girls and denies their autonomy and agency, and now everyone knows he's a pedophile."
by GenXColbyCheese January 20, 2021
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Person 1: Hey whats your kink i like bondage
Person 2: Oh i have an age gap kink
Person 1: wdym?
Person 2: i like when 20 year olds are with 12 year olds
by a girl names kai February 27, 2022
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If ur a 15 year old girl be prepared. If she can’t have u she’ll jerk off to ur Pinterest. She’ll find her way in no matter how rapisty
Karen that watched too much lesbian age gap porn secretly wants to f every 15 year old girl she sees & is willing to use rapist quality force to grant access for perving / stalking hour
by reincarnatedkanyewest April 14, 2022
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