8 definitions by reincarnatedkanyewest

When really old really hateful people try really hard to feel relevant; the act of trying to imitate underage girls
Person 1: GUYS! HELP!

Person 2: wAt
Person 1: Karen colonizing. It’s happening
Person 2: ahhhhh
Person 3: get the holy water! Get the pepper spray! Start filling out the restraining order application! This is importante!
Person 4: I’ll ride into town on my horse to let everyone know what’s going on

- a Karen tried to pull dom shit on someone’s lifestyle
by reincarnatedkanyewest April 14, 2022
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If ur a 15 year old girl be prepared. If she can’t have u she’ll jerk off to ur Pinterest. She’ll find her way in no matter how rapisty
Karen that watched too much lesbian age gap porn secretly wants to f every 15 year old girl she sees & is willing to use rapist quality force to grant access for perving / stalking hour
by reincarnatedkanyewest April 14, 2022
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She’s not like other Karen’s. Kureen is built different. Think an ESTJ on steroids from the hood. She doesn’t have the early 2000s tlc reality show look. She wears clothes to resemble the high school girls she terrorizes. She says the n-word. And she’s single.
Person 1: Have u heard of a kureen?
Person 2: no
Person 1: good. Let’s keep it that way
by reincarnatedkanyewest April 14, 2022
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A karen except her hatefulness is rooted out of jealousy towards underage girls. She hates being old and ugly so she takes out her dom kink on their lifestyle
Person 1: I encountered a kureen

Person 2: be careful man she could’ve just had turrets
by reincarnatedkanyewest April 14, 2022
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She can’t tell when she’s not wanted. She doesn’t take no for an answer. She’ll jack off to u… no matter how underage u are and no matter how ugly she is. She’ll even rape ur Pinterest accounts because she’s too much of a hag to get close to u.
Person 1: this Karen is making me uncomfortable
Person 2: why can’t she tell ur not her 15 year old girlfriend? What a Karen-cell
Person 1: she really thinks she gets to play abusive boyfriend
by reincarnatedkanyewest April 14, 2022
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*rue voice* hood Karen grew up in a ghetto neighborhood. Each day she ate three spoons of canola oil & she still managed to be fat! Hood Karen didn’t grow up looking up to country club Karen’s. Mini hood Karen looked up to n-word saying black boys. Now… it’s her mission to take out anger on pretty 15 year old girls
person 1: hey hood Karen! I’m so happy you could make it… to our lake party… that we didn’t invite u to
Hood Karen: *repositions feet* *looks greeter up and down* *n-word*
Other person: woah
Person 1: dude that’s not very nice
Hood Karen: n-word
Person 2: dude my friends black. She’s actually really nice
Hood Karen: n-word n-word n-word
Person 1: k we’re gonna ask u to leave
Hood Karen: walks away while blasting fight song
by reincarnatedkanyewest April 14, 2022
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an insanely incredible, infatuating, god sent human being brought to this earth to bless the potential-less souls and be superior. Her soul is incredible. Her taste in music is immaculate. Just her existence brings joy to the peasants she donates time to. This world could never deserve such a pure light of a human being 👌🏻
Person 1: Do u realize how many people stalked meav, tried to be her, simped for her, attacked her, wanted to be her, etc throughout her life?

Person 2: our queen is an inspiration. All hail goddess meav. Her story is inspiring. Everything about her is incredible.
by reincarnatedkanyewest April 14, 2022
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